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Live Now! @HermanLi @DragonForce on http://twitch.tv/hermanli https://www.pscp.tv/w/cPoBFjFETEVCQWF3YnBwakp8MW1ueGV6TmtyZ1lLWJQBGdiooY07J-8d93BzhGq9xmMoT-f1IKHkWulZrmTQ

Hanging with the legendary @BillyonBass! @Aliciajvigil is ready to kick ass on the @DragonForce tour starting next month, with @FrozenCrownBand @athanasiametal
Name me some of your favourite bassists?

My dog peed on me while playing #dragonballz kakarot live on stream.
It's over 9000! 🐶😂👍
What was your favourite Dragonball Z Saga? Mine was Cell.
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#DBZKAKAROT #rescuedogs @BandaiNamcoUS