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This week, @HermanLi welcomes these amazing guitarists to the #ShredforJasonBecker fundraiser on @Twitch:
Tue 4/20: @Stevestevens (@BillyIdol)
Wed 4/21: @RustyCooley1
Thu 4/22: @hurricanenita (@alicecooper)
Fri 4/23: @marty_friedman **STARTS @ 8 PM PT**



Thank you everyone for supporting this @jasonelibecker fundraiser! It's been going for 8 weeks with 2 more to go. More players asked to take part in the jam, but I'm pretty worn out now and can't accommodate more. I will rest until the next jam with @Stevestevens on Tuesday.

🔴 LIVE NOW on http://twitch.tv/hermanli
Guest: @KikoLoureiro of @Megadeth | Jason Becker Fundraiser #shredforjasonbecker @jasonelibecker
Over 54k USD raised so far!